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Speech and Language Therapy

Whole Child Therapy Services provides speech and language evaluations and therapy services for children ages birth to 18 years. We strive to provide the best quality of care guided by comprehensive evaluations. We specialize in a wide variety of evidence-based speech and language therapy approaches that enable each child to maximize their full potential, including Hanen, Natural Language Acquisition (NLA), and Collaborative and Proactive Solutions. As each child is unique, therapy approaches are highly individualized and we always take into consideration the whole child. Our mission is to address communication needs based on individual development, learning styles, interests, and strengths. Coupled with full parent participation and collaboration, children will develop the necessary skills they need in order to connect with the world around them. 

little girl in teletherapy session
child doing occupational therapy
child using AAC device in therapy

Whole Child Therapy Services provides speech and language evaluations and therapy services to diagnose and address:

Articulation and Phonological Disorders/Delays

Developmental Feeding Disorders

Childhood Apraxia of Speech


Late-Talkers / Developmental Delays

Receptive and Expressive Language Disorders

Reading Disorders 

Pragmatics/Social Language 

Augmentative and Alternative Communication


Our therapists provide comprehensive speech-language evaluations for children of all ages. Our evaluations are typically a combination of standardized assessments, parent input, conversation, observation, and therapist-client interaction.  

A complete evaluation allows the therapist to identify a child's strengths and challenges and understand how to best approach therapy. 

Following the evaluation, you will be provided with a written report and together we will determine the most appropriate treatment plan and goals. 

Speech Therapy

Using evidence-based approaches, we provide engaging and individualized therapy in a safe and family-friendly environment. Speech and language therapy is a thoughtful combination of direct interaction with the child, parent coaching, and collaboration.

Our practice truly believes that since each child's challenges are unique, the frequency and duration of therapy should always match the need. Since 2014, we have been committed to offering sessions that range from 30 to 60-minutes, 1-3 times a week. Session length and frequency vary based on factors including availability, severity, and level of need. 

Parent Coaching with
Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk®

It Takes Two to Talk® is an evidence-based program that empowers parents with the skills for using everyday routines as the springboard for promoting speech and language skills for children 18-months to 5 years. This program is open to any child experiencing speech and language delays. The program will:

  • Teach practical and proven strategies to support communications and interaction during everyday activities

  • Demonstrate how to engage your child in back and forth communication exchanges, even before he or she can talk

  • Help identify what motivates your child to communicate

  • Teach you how to effectively play and interact with your child to increase back-and-forth communication 

Parent Coaching with Hanen: More Than Words®

More Than Words® is an evidence-based framework for targeting specific communication needs of young autistic children and/or those who have social communication difficulties. It takes a naturalistic, family-centered approach that help empower parents to support their child’s communication during everyday interactions. The program will:

  • Assist you in learning your child's unique learning style and sensory preferences in order to understand strengths and challenges.

  • Teach how to apply responsive interaction strategies to everyday interactions with your child.

  • Provide social support to you and other families members in order to create a positive impact on your child's well being.

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