5 Ways to Use Music in Therapy (PDF): Music therapy is common in the treatment of children with autism. 

Materials That Can Be Adapted for Therapy: Therapists who click this link will find a page of resources that can be useful in speech therapy. The resources on this page are from a book by Judith Kuster.


Activities and Ideas for Fluency Therapy in the School-Aged Population (PDF): Click this link to view treatment concepts and ideas for activities that can be used in fluency therapy.


Teaching Your Child How to Rex Flex (PDF): This is an activity that can be used to teach children who are being treated for anxiety how to calm down by doing the Rex Flex, which is based on the character from Toy Story


Free Speech and Language Worksheets:  Worksheets are categorized by topic and were created by a speech pathologist


Play Therapy Activities to Engage Children: Play therapy helps children communicate in other ways besides just words. Counseling Connection explains how this works and gives examples.


Activities for Autistic Children: Parents can learn how to interact and play with their autistic children through these activities used by therapists.